AOS Grad Survival Guide

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A neverending, always updated version of how to survive the AOS program, or how to survive grad school in general (with some further contribution from cohort members including Glen Chua). This is organized with a separate section containing some advice for prospective students.

Prospective Students

Check out the Prospective Ph.D. Preview (P3) - a program that allows prospective students to visit & explore (all expense paid) Princeton :

Don’t be afraid to reach out to current students, postdocs, alumni and faculty members to find out more

Applying to graduate schools is expensive. It doesn’t have to be. GRE scores are not required and only optional. Find out more about requesting or applying for a fee waiver here:

Incoming Students

Check your Princeton email 24/7

The AOS program is structured so you focus on classes your first year and then start focusing on your research the summer after your first year. Take full advantage of this year by attending talks and asking around other graduate students and GFDL scientists to get a better understanding of what you may be interested in.

Apply to the Graduate scholars program (GSP) - an initiative by the diversity initiative of Princeton for entering first-year graduate students. There are perks including mentoring, special events for GSP and a special orientation just for GSP students.

Grad school is hard. The AOS graduate community is super supportive and please feel free to reach out to any one of us about personal to professional problems. Trust me, we’ve been through our fair share (I’m here!).

Sidenote = AOS upper year graduate students offer a large breadth of knowledge and advice, trust their word!

be nice to your cohort (a cohort that sticks together, matriculates together supposedly)

First years = take advantage of the socials scene living in New & Old Graduate College. I lived in NGC during a PANDEMIC but am grateful I truly took advantage of the social scene prior to that.

Jules pizza is not great, get Nomad. NEVER request Jules pizza for informal AOS student run seminars